This exactly mirrors my current feelings about agencies and the publishing industry. Agents want to sign the BIGGEST BOOK ON THE PLANET.
But if they don’t have faith and sign up a number of smaller or mid-list potential books, how are they going to know when they have found the next (insert current blockbuster here)?

An efriend of mine had a very public self-described ‘meltdown’ over her lack of progress in finding a publisher. Her words were heart-rending because they reflected the fears of every low- and mid-list writer I know. We all worry that we won’t

find an agent or our agent won’t find a publisher, that the words we struggled over into the wee hours of the night will not resonate with the gatekeepers. You never forget your first kiss or your last rejection letter.

But I have a different conclusion than my friend and I want to share it with you. If I as a writer can dial down my frustration for the next five years, my day will arrive. Your world, dear agent, is changing. Where you historically held a vice grip on my future, now you are just an option. For some of my fellow writers, trading print and digital…

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