A short extract from my second WIP, ‘A Vengeance of Angels’…

Sunlight in natural Forest

To avoid creating any spoilers for those who haven’t read the first book ‘A Construct of Angels’, I can’t tell you who is speaking here.  All I can tell you is that one of my characters is wandering through their memories;

Dry leaves crunched beneath my feet as I stepped from one pool of light to the next, my eyes intermittently dazzled by the bright sunlight that fought its way down through the canopy.  Slow-breathing trunks soared around me, reaching upwards to dwarf my human form. 

I turned fully around to see forest stretching in every direction whilst I breathed deeply, relishing the unspoiled scents of loam, pine resin and the steady decay that was the circle of life. 

I began to wonder if the Shee-Han still inhabited these parts; if they still strung their incredible cities through the canopy of branches – but then I remembered that the Shee-Han were gone…long gone.  

That was a different time; a different Universe. 

I felt a pang of loss at their passing, even though I knew that was simply how the world was…it was the way of things.

Write on in 2013!