I was interested to discover this article by Lorelle which encourages bloggers to celebrate their achievements. Particularly relevant to newer bloggers who are still building their following, I would add that bloggers should always mark their blogging anniversaries, their achieved goals (50 followers, 100 likes etc) to celebrate their hard work and persistence – qualities that mark successful bloggers and authors.
Read and take note!

Lorelle on WordPress

Blog Exercises on Lorelle on WordPress.In “Okay, Everybody, Group Hug!” the author of True Stitches, Heather, honored the moment of a publishing triumph.

This is my 300th post. An accomplishment of sorts, I guess, although it took me years and years to get here. But along the way I have connected with so many wonderful people, which is the greatest gift the blog has brought me. I have found work, found love, had a nervous breakdown or two, explored ideas, and some days wanted to pack it in.

But most of all the blog has shown me that I am not alone in my peculiar obsessions. I have found that, all over the world, there are people out there who love textiles, and chickens, and gardens, and who are doing their best to help make the world a better place.

Big hugs to you all. And if you don’t already have a cup…

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