Busy Businessman

Writing can be frustrating.  It can be fun.  It can be cathartic and good for the soul.  However, as with anything in life, it can also be all-consuming.

Have you ever been unable to sleep because your Muse has been bombarding you with ideas?

Have you wished that the machine that is the human body was more resilient – able to go for longer without food or rest just so that you could spend more of your precious time writing instead of refuelling (eating) or down-timing (sleeping)?

In the twenty-first century, there are so many conflicting demands on our time that writing can be squeezed into a corner by pesky things like sleeping, eating, resupplying the cupboards and interacting with other human beings.

But such things are part of life.  They are the small things that can inspire us.  They are the minutae that can add delicious detail to our stories and bring our characters to life.

Now, you may think that I preaching to you, dear reader.  Not at all – all of the above is a lecture to myself; my own nagging monologue to slow down and try to absorb those small adventures that comprise everyday life – and enjoy them.

So throttle back until the blur that is life slows and becomes visible – then write about it. 😀