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New Software For Writers!

Does your work have limited appeal?  Are your sales dismal? Do reviewers complain that your work is difficult to understand and contains allusions to obscure works that no one has read?

We Have The Solution!

Originality Zapper is a revolutionary new tool for novelists! Using web-based reference mapping technology, Originality Zapper will carefully comb through your manuscript and compare every sentence, phrase, and word with the complete texts of the top twenty bestsellers in your genre, ranking them by degree of consistency.

  • Remove any characters that aren’t just like what is already out there!
  • Delete phrases and analogies that don’t appear in the bestsellers!
  • Ensure that every single plotline is resolved with a Happily Ever After Ending!
  • Make sure that your readers know exactly what will happen in your book–before they even open it!
  • Never worry about sales or reviews again!

Now only $24.99!  Limited…

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