At the end of May, I compiled a list of all the work I had done in the year so far, including dates and words counts and I was staggered by the result.

In total, counting my ghostwriting work AND any progress on my ‘Angels’ trilogy, I’d written 225,000 real words! And most of them were the in right order too!

I did say most 😀

quarter million speedo nearly

It was probably higher, considering all the plot discussions and editing work, but who has time to word-count their emails?

Not me.

So I stuck to ‘words written as stories’ instead.

I’ve never been a NaNo person, believing that the result does not justify the means.

However, when I consider that in five months, I’ve averaged 45k per month, not far short of the target 50k enjoyed by NaNo participants, I took another look.

Maybe, this year, i could give it a try.

So, I got to thinking, 225,000 is not far away from 250,000, which is quarter of a million. What a target! I still have a lot of project work, so to keep myself writing would not be a problem. Would it be possible, then, reach the magic quarter million by the middle of the year (20th June)?

It has to be taken into consideration that I have a great many other things going on in my life at the moment, including recuperation from knee surgery. Still, who isn’t crazy-busy these days?

It’s looking good so far, with 234k under my belt at the time of writing.

I’m going for it.

I’m gonna do it if I have to make my fingers bleed.

Watch this space.

Now, I must get back to my (red hot & smoking) keyboard and:

acern270ginger write on