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I’ve been a lot less active on this blog lately, and with good reason… I guess. One million words don’t write themselves, unless there is such a thing as a Contiguous Word Generator for Windows available. If there isn’t, you can have the idea. I don’t have time to write the software.

My gift to you.

That said, if you type a couple of words into your smart phone (For example, Why don’t we… or What if we…) and select whatever the autocorrect throws up for a couple of sentences, you might have the beginning of a short story. The longer you’ve had the phone, the better it works. Let me know what you come up with in the comments. (Mine said: Why don’t we… utilize the same community as Brooke’s sister? Could be her first time in the UK.)

I know that sounds random, but now I know from the above that my phone has been quietly memorising my plot ideas…

giphy phone

Aaanyway, my endeavour to prematurely wear out my keyboard continues. I’m working my way through 2017 with more short stories, and I’m already three weeks ahead of my (largely provisional) target of 1/4 million words per annum (I know, I’m slacking this year, compared to 2016). Word count isn’t everything, of course. However, it remains the best way to track my progress, IMHO. For now, it’s still tricky to quantify quality or ideas.

The ideas continue to flow, helped by key words. Five seemingly unconnected words can be enough to prompt a new story. Last year, many of the subjects revolved around shifters and vampires. This year, they have a distinct sci-fi, time travel and romantic aspect. Who knows what I’ll be writing about by the end of the year?

 Random Obscure Fact: Most Muppets are left-handed. (Most Muppeteers are right-handed, so they operate the head with their favoured hand.) Source: Buzzfeed


With that thought, I shall get back to my keyboard


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