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This page links back to a post called ‘Writers – lets pool our resources.’ where I asked other writers, editors and bloggers to offer up their accumulated knowledge to create a sort of reference base.

If you’d like to add your own area of expertise, please add the details into the comment section of the ‘pool’ post and I wil transfer them to here.

This is for the purposes of writing fiction. We are none of us (to my knowledge) University professors. But if you are struggling with the concept of a starship’s drive system, please ask. Do you want to host a mid-air fight? I will do my best to help.

Other subjects are below. At the time of writing this, I haven’t placed them in any sort of order. That will come with time, when enough catergories have formed.

We’re not setting out to write a fact book or a ‘How does it work’ tome. However, if you’re stuck for information on one of the subjects below, one of us may be able to assist.

Other writers, please take a moment to peruse this list and see if you are inspired to add something – we can all benefit from an expert (or semi-expert) opinion.

There’s nothing worse that a review that says ‘What this writer is proposing in preposterous!’

If you have a query, please contact me via the comments section or go to the bloggers via their links (remember to tell them who sent you!).

Okay – in no particular order (at the moment), the subjects so far are;

I have a good knowledge of; Cosmology (star formation, beginning and end of the universe). Quantum Physics (atoms, particles, energy and radiation). Starship theory (drives, environments, construction). Theory of time travel, plus cause and effect. (Dare I say this?) Rocket Science. Planetary behaviour including some aspects of geology and geography. Some World War 2 history, mainly European Theatre. And on a more day-to-day basis; Mechanical engineering. Vehicle mechanics, some military strategies, aircraft behaviour. Chemistry, physics, engineering. Movie-making (scene construction to post-production). Factory production-line techniques. – Andrew Toynbee


‘My expertise is in colonial and post colonial literature,  beat era and modern poetry, and American English linguistics. I’m not sure how many people will have a need for that kind of thing,  but I’m happy to share the knowledge with anyone that’s interested.’ – Mandy at Marsicowritesite


‘For what it’s worth, though, I am willing to share my expertise. I have worked as a locksmith and also in general maintenance for most of my adult life. I am willing to read and make notes on scenes involving overcoming security systems, breaking into buildings, opening safes, and such. ‘ – Misha at Mishaburnett


‘Count me in. My own list would be:
– Ancient middle eastern languages, Pre-Roman middle-eastern history and archaeology, Rhetoric and poetics,  contemporary IT methodology and practice.’ – Richard Abbott (@MilkHoneyedLand)


‘I would absolutely participate with other writers in an exchange of expertise. I am very knowledgeable when it comes to psychological issues with children and young people, counselling sessions, the university environment, issues related to the Catholic Church.’ – Francis at disappearinginplainsight


‘I’m pretty well versed in Greek mythology, for whatever that’s worth’ – Michelle at http://michelleproulx.wordpress.com/


Thanks to everyone who has added so far. Let’s grow this and get together a comprehensive list of knowledge. Who knows, we might solve the world’s problems whilst we’re at it. 🙂


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